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Board Policy and Procedure Updates

Working Document Policies and Procedures

The Board is seeking your feedback on the following policies and procedures, where applicable. All working documents, and timelines for providing feedback, are posted on the Policies and Procedures for Comment page of the Board’s public website. 

The Volunteers in our Schools policy and procedure outline the roles and responsibilities of administrators, staff and volunteers in effectively using volunteers to support student achievement and well-being.  Revisions clarify processes with respect to Police Vulnerable Sector Checks, and reinforce volunteer access restrictions to confidential information.

The Licensed Child Care in Schools policy and procedure outline the Board’s commitment to building strong partnerships with child care operators in order to support planning, curriculum, and program coordination that will benefit students, families and school communities.  Revisions to this policy and procedure reflect the removal of the Day Nurseries Act, replaced by the Childcare and Early Years’ Act.  The related procedure has also been updated to reflect current practice.

The Distribution of Materials: External Organizations policy and procedure address the dissemination of information from non-profit external organizations.  Minor updates include references to applicable legislation and minor wording changes to improve clarity.

The Board Advertising policy addresses the use of advertising to inform and educate the public and create awareness of education programs, services, issues, events and community activities.  There are no significant changes to the policy.

The Board Advocacy policy addresses how the York Region District School Board engages with the Government of Ontario to identify and discuss policy and financial issues affecting public education in Ontario.  There are no significant changes to the policy.

The Community Use of Schools policy and procedure encourage the community's participation in using its schools and school grounds for the mutual benefits of students and the local community.  Revisions ensure alignment with other Board policies and procedures.  There are no significant changes to current practice.


The Board welcomes questions, comments and suggestions. Input and dialogue is an important component of the review process.

Questions about the content of Board policies and/or procedures should first be raised with your principal, manager or supervisor, where applicable.  If additional clarification is required, principals, managers and supervisors may contact the lead superintendent and/or subject matter expert outlined in the executive summary.

Feedback on policies and/or procedures may be submitted through the school council, principal, manager or superintendent, where applicable, and should include the following;

  • identification of the specific section(s) of the policy and/or procedure that you would like to see addressed,
  • specific, alternate wording to reflect your position, and
  • a rationale for the concerns.

Input should be forwarded by email to, via fax at 905-727-3984 or by mail to the Education Centre Aurora.

Questions about the policy and procedure review process can be directed to Corporate Secretariat and Trustee Services at or at the Education Centre Aurora at extension 2570.


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