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World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019

World Water Day is a day that focuses on the importance of conserving fresh water. It is celebrated on March 22 every year. Simple actions at home, such as using a reusable water bottle or turning off the tap while washing dishes, can have a big impact on the environment and help to support the cause!
The Eco Club will be selling Drink in the Box, reusable water bottles, and rafiki chains from Monday, March 18th to Friday, March 22nd.
Options Available:

Pine Grove Eco water bottles - $5Drink in the Box - $12Rafiki Chains (pre-order) - $12
Junior/Intermediate (upstairs classes) - a table will be set up outside of the intermediate pod.
Primary (downstairs classes) - Eco Club students will be coming around each class to sell.
All proceeds will be donated to Wateraid Canada.
Thank you for your support, we look forward to hearing about the unique ways your family participated in raising awareness and taking action!

Tips for Speaking with Your Child After a Tragic Event

In light of the recent tragic event in New Zealand at two Mosques this resource may be useful to parents in our community. This was taken from the YRDSB website - Home:Programs & Services:Caring and Safe Schools:Tips for Speaking with your Child after a Tragic Event

Tips for Speaking with your Child after a Tragic Event 1. Reassure children that they are safe. Emphasize that schools are very safe. Validate their feelings. Explain that all feelings are okay when a tragedy occurs. Let children talk about their feelings, help put them into perspective, and assist them in expressing these feelings appropriately. 2. Make time to talk. Let their questions be your guide as to how much information to provide. Be patient. Children and youth do not always talk about their feelings readily. Watch for clues that they may want to talk, such as hovering around while you do the dishes or yard work. Some children prefer writing, playing music, or doing an art project as an outlet. Young children ma…

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